Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selective Mutism

Finally an update!

We thought we were prepared for everything when coming to adopting our son. We read every book we could read. Trying to remember no two children are the same. We knew about cleft lip and palate before choosing a son with one. In this we knew that not two children are the same. We knew about RAD, AHAD, ADD, PTSD and other adoption related disorders.

But Selective Mutism was never on our radar. We recently have been doing a bunch of research on adoptive children and selective mutism. We are able only to find a little information. We are in new horizons with our son.

I am surprised how this has changed my thinking on what school he should attend. I researched schools when my daughter entered kindergarten thinking that this school will work for my son. I forgot to remember that no two children are the same and research for him I must. My research has taken a different turn than I thought. I have always thought my kids will go to private school. But is that the right choice for my son? He has different needs which is not very well supported in most private school. I have been on so many school tours and getting tired of filling out all these forms for school. I never knew have many forms public school had compared to daughter private school. I have one more school to look at and I am done and waiting for the Lottery to be done at a variety of schools. We may just end up @ a local public school waiting for an opening at the school of choice. At least he will get the services needed that are on campus and does not need to be taken from school to go like he would in private school. This is the hardest decision I have to make in a long time. We want the best for him and will do anything to make sure he has the best education we can give and be a supportive parents to him. I realize no one is perfect but I hate to make the wrong decision.

LM does not do well with change. This is why it is so hard of a decision. He needs a school that goes K-8. Not many of those schools in our area. I am going to trust and put my faith that the right decision will be made and we can move on. LM is a fun bright person whom we love dearly and hope with help we can overcome this.