Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are Home!

Sorry for no blogging but we were blocked and the person I had to do it for me got very sick and is still sick. Everything went well as planned. No quarantine and daughter did well during the trip. So all those worries for nothing. We received our son on Monday the 13th at around 11 am. He was very hungry! We feed him and gave him some water and he was good to go until his nanny left then he grieved. Since it was so hot and muggy on Nanjing we did not do much tourist things. And he weighs in over 30 lbs. We ended up getting a stroller. It was too hot for the carrier and he was too heavy to carry everywhere. Due to the TB testing we left Nanjing a day earlier than planned. Saturday the 18th he had his TB test along with 4 shots. Guangzhou was not has hot and muggy as Nanjing due to the tropical storm that hit Hong Kong area while we were there. It was more refreshing and we were able to do more things. Will post pictures later. Still very let lagged. Once we get back on a schedule I hope to add more about our trip.