Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hearing Checked

It has been awhile since I have posted. Been busy with everything. Theo had his hearing checked again and it is in normal range. He does not need to see an ENT outside his cleft team. Even though we have a daughter with a cleft, you never know what each child will have. We are thankful that only Theo lip and gum line are affected. He will not have the ear issue like his sister. When our daughter was born we knew nothing about cleft lip and palate. She is an inspiration to me to see how much a champion she is at the doctor office. She set such a great example for her brother. She is the reason for her brother and what we would accept in a child. It is sad to think she will have more surgical procedures than him but she has been blessed with the gift of patience when sitting in a doctor chair as they poke and probe her. I am learning lessons from her just as my son is. He adores his sister and she is starting to adore him. It is sweet to see the two of them together. I have been blessed and thank him everyday for these two blessings, one by birth and one by adoption.