Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovery Day 3

Well LM slept 8 hrs without any pain meds. Decided to start weaning him off the Tylenol 3 and use ibprofen and tylenol for pain management. He seem to be ok with this with very little complaints. He is a lot more active today.

I am not sure if spacing out the meds made it hard to take a nap. But he was unable to take a nap but still did pretty good today. He is still very clingy, I am unable to do anything unless I am in touching range.

We took him to Costco today. He liked getting out. Again I had to push the cart. He still only wants me. Will have to work on him getting some Daddy time so Mom does wear out. My RA is acting up with the extra duties of his care and am trying to take care of myself.

Today PT started acting out. She is tired of him getting all the attention. She says she understands but still acted out. I was able to give her Mommy time and this seemed to help.

LM was back to wanting the rocker tonight. I read a story then he decided he wanted his bed and asked for Dad. So things are slowly getting back to a normal.

Recovery Day 2

The second day of recovery has gone well. I took LM to speech therapy and he still is talking. She noticed that he is a lot more active and seems more into his lessons. Probably due to the lack of active play, I tried to add a little more active play that didn’t involve much worry for me that he would hit his face. We took a short walk and looked at the different things around the house. I also took him out grocery shopping and he seemed to do fine. He said he was ready to go home.

Tonight was PT dance recital, we decided LM could handle going out and see his sister dance. He was a change person. He was interacting with other and seemed to be enjoying himself until he started not listening again and we had to place in between us. He thought he could throw a fit but saw that we didn't react and he would get a time-in if he didn't stop. He sat reluctantly. He did pretty good for him. About half way through he said was done. We ended up distracting him by telling him when his friends and sister were dancing. This helped and we were able to see all PT dances. Her last dance was the second to last one so we knew it was going to be tough for LM.

Recovery Day 1

The first day of recovery went real well. LM is starting to be more himself again. He only asked a couple of times when will be take out the nose stents.

I keep the pain meds on schedule and that seems to help. LM is a little clingy as to be expected. He took a two hour nap and woke up happy. We watched a lot of movies and tried to keep him from hurting himself. It is hard to keep an active boy calm. I forgot how much energy a 5 year has.

I think we have started a new nighttime routine, He grab his blanket and went to the rocking chair and asked to be rocked to sleep. Usually he can’t get comfortable in my lap but the last two nights he falls instantly to sleep. I think it helped to let him sleep without the no-nos. He slept 8 hours with waking only once for bathroom and pain meds.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surgery May 10, 2011

Well we survived surgery. Everything went as planned. LM was third in line for surgery. His surgery was scheduled for 11 am. So we were able to take PT to school and arrive at CHLA before 9 am.

They have changed up where you waited and used more technology since we were there for PT. I almost forgot that it has been 8 years since PT first surgery @ CHLA. They assign each patient with a number. Then you have a big screen telling you where the patient is at.

LM's surgery was scheduled for 2 hours and he was in the OR for 2 1/4 hours. Dr. Magee came out and said everything went as planned. They narrow the lip and placed nose stents in. I didn't realize that nose revision meant nose stents. Boy was LM mad. He does not like them. As expected he woke up mad and would only calm down for me. He drank an apple juice and had two Popsicles before we left. They sent him home with an apple juice which he proceed to drink on the way home.

He slept a little on the way home but didn't take a nap before bed. They wanted him to wear his no-no at night. LM still uses his thumb for self soothing and was mad that he could suck his thumb. When we got home he said he was hungry. So I made some noodles for him since he can only have soft food for a couple of days. Then I made macaroni and cheese for PT and DH for supper. LM proceed to eat his share of the mac and cheese. While I was with PT in music classes, DH feed him another bowl of noodles and a small bowl of ice cream. I brought him another small dish of ice cream home.

LM had a hard time getting to sleep but finally feel asleep in my arm in the rocking chair. That was a first for him and me. I was able to place him in his bed after a hour asleep in my arms and he sleep for 6 hours.