Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Years Ago

It is hard to believe that 2 years ago we said yes to adopt a little boy. The process took longer than anticipated but with our first Thanksgiving with him, the wait does not matter any more. We are so thankful for our son and what a joy he has brought to our lives. Princess is still not that thrilled with him but is slowly warming up. She sometimes will comment on the cute things he does. We are also excited that he decided he liked his toddler bed and sleeps in his own room. We found out that he did not like the rails on the bed. This all happened on Thanksgiving. He did wonderful at the dinner and it was great to see that he has not lost his Mandarin. At his preschool, one of the teacher known Mandarin and will talk to him in Mandarin if she thinks he does not understand the English directions. He also has a couple of classmate who first language is also Mandarin so it has helped him know that he is not the only one. He really like the little girl and will say her name when he sees her. It is hard to believe he has only been with us for 4 1/2 months. Times flies when you are having fun. It has not been all kick and giggles but the good times out weigh the troubled ones and his adjustment is going fine. A lot of things are just typical three old behavior and to be expected until language skills are better, They have improved and we will hopeful get a good evaluation with the speech therapist in a couple of weeks. He still will only talk for us and takes awhile to warm up to other but we had a good breakthrough on Thanksgiving and are hopeful.