Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Year Post & First Day Of School

July 13th 2010 came and went by fast. We were on a houseboat trip on Lake Powell. LM really liked the houseboat. He cried going on and cried going off. He really open up on this trip. I do not think he even had any thought on it being his anniversary day with our family. He was having a trip and he was having fun. Even about two months later he is still building houseboat out of his legos. It seemed like he was waiting for his one year anniv. to open up. He talks constantly ever since. Even on our other vacation trip he opened up to all the family members. Will add picture once I get a chance to download them. Having the kids for the summer was hard work and now need to get back to organizing house again.

Today was the first day of PreK for LM. He went in crying and screaming. Hopefully it will be like the houseboat trip and he will be talking to the teacher in no time. He did not talk to his preschool teacher so I am hopeful he has decided to talk to these teachers. I asked for one I knew he was familiar with. Time will tell. He does not do well at first with change. But once he is comfortable he will relax. This is a lot of new things which makes it hard. New teachers, new classroom, new playground, new toys and some new kids. I will know once I pick him up tonight.