Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He Talks

LM is finally talking to his speech therapist and his teachers. It has been a long process but he finally decided talking to others is not so bad. He was slow to talk to us but that only lasted a couple of weeks. He held out for 14 months for his preschool and preK teachers. I was crying when I found out what he was clearly talking about in school. Since we are near Thanksgiving, they are talking about families and the holidays. He drew a family picture with things we do as a family. They have each child talk about what they drew. I figured he would just stand there saying very little like he usually does but I guess he was loud clear and distinct in telling everyone about his family. Not his favorite toy and not favorite things it was his family. What a special little boy we have! We are blessed and thankful for him everyday. We have had our struggles but this little boy loves his family and we love him back.

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Aus said...

HOORAH - see - knew he'd decide that he has something to say!! He may well be one of the few folks on the planet that understand that 'not speaking' is better than 'saying nothing'!

hugs - great joy -

aus and co.