Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovery Day 2

The second day of recovery has gone well. I took LM to speech therapy and he still is talking. She noticed that he is a lot more active and seems more into his lessons. Probably due to the lack of active play, I tried to add a little more active play that didn’t involve much worry for me that he would hit his face. We took a short walk and looked at the different things around the house. I also took him out grocery shopping and he seemed to do fine. He said he was ready to go home.

Tonight was PT dance recital, we decided LM could handle going out and see his sister dance. He was a change person. He was interacting with other and seemed to be enjoying himself until he started not listening again and we had to place in between us. He thought he could throw a fit but saw that we didn't react and he would get a time-in if he didn't stop. He sat reluctantly. He did pretty good for him. About half way through he said was done. We ended up distracting him by telling him when his friends and sister were dancing. This helped and we were able to see all PT dances. Her last dance was the second to last one so we knew it was going to be tough for LM.

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