Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovery Day 3

Well LM slept 8 hrs without any pain meds. Decided to start weaning him off the Tylenol 3 and use ibprofen and tylenol for pain management. He seem to be ok with this with very little complaints. He is a lot more active today.

I am not sure if spacing out the meds made it hard to take a nap. But he was unable to take a nap but still did pretty good today. He is still very clingy, I am unable to do anything unless I am in touching range.

We took him to Costco today. He liked getting out. Again I had to push the cart. He still only wants me. Will have to work on him getting some Daddy time so Mom does wear out. My RA is acting up with the extra duties of his care and am trying to take care of myself.

Today PT started acting out. She is tired of him getting all the attention. She says she understands but still acted out. I was able to give her Mommy time and this seemed to help.

LM was back to wanting the rocker tonight. I read a story then he decided he wanted his bed and asked for Dad. So things are slowly getting back to a normal.

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